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About us


The company ALFAVET BG is a well known name on the Bulgarian market.

For more than two decades we have been working in collaboration with veterinarians and livestock breeders, which helps us select and offer crucial products for the proper healthcare and breeding of all kinds of animals.

Our main suppliers are world known companies with proven quality of their production!

We are representing the following companies on the Bulgarian market:

  • JORGEN KRUUSE A/S Denmark – Veterinary equipment and consumables;
  • ALBERT KERBL GmbH Germany – Equipment and consumables for livestock farms; Electric fence systems; Horse riding equipment and Pet accessories;
  • HEINIGER AG Switzerland – Professional animal shearing and clipping equipment;
  • TELEDART GmbH and Co Germany – Professional darting equipment and consumables for remote tranquillization and capturing of animals;
  • CORTI ZOOTECNICI Italy – Bird and Rabbit farm equipment;
  • KERCKHAERT HORSESHOE FACTORY The Netherlands – Horseshoes, nails and professional farrier tools;

For the fans of horse riding sports we are actively working with the well known companies in that field:

  • EKKIA SAS - France;
  • WALDHAUSEN GmbH – Germany;
  • USG GmbH – Germany;
  • ZILCO EUROPE Ltd – Great Britain;
  • LEOVET Dr Jacoby GmbH – Germany;

We hope that everyone whose profession or hobby is related to animals will find our website interesting and helpful!

Our team always strives to be the preferred partner as we offer professional consultation and service!