Alfavet Ltd.


ALFAVET Company started its activity more than 10 years ago with supply of equipment for the veterinary medical practice.

The main goal of our work: PROPER GROWING AND CARE FOR ANIMALS, allowed us in a very short period of time to maximum diversify the range of products we offer. Today our customers are veterinarians, farm owners and keepers of animals.

Our long collaboration with leading European companies in this industry: JORGEN KRUUSE-Denmark and ALBERT KERBL-Germany, and representatives, gives us the opportunity to be informed about innovative solutions and to distribute products that improve animal welfare and facilitate the work of people who care for them.

We hope that our website would be interesting and useful for both veterinarians and breeders, as well as for horse riding sports lovers and pet owners.

With appropriate consultation and service, our team will always strive to be the preferred partner!